The International Nurses Day is an annual day celebrated on 12 May around the world to promote the important role of Nurses that they played in health care in the society and to commemorate the anniversary of the Florence Nightingale’s birth in 1820.

History of International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) has celebrated International Nurses Day from 1965. It all started in 1953, when Dorothy Sutherland, an official with the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, put forward the idea to President Dwight D. Eisenhower to proclaim a “Nurses’ Day,” but at that time he did not approve his proposal.

The 12 May, finally chose to celebrate the International Nurses Day, in January 1974. The 12 May is an important day to all nurses as it is the anniversary of the Florence Nightingale’s birth, which is considered the founder of modern nursing.

Every year, the ICN celebrated International Nurses Day by making and distributing International Nurses’ Day Kit, which contains educational, public informational and promotional materials. Nurses use these materials to performed innovative work worldwide, which is not essential only to the betterment of patient health but also to the development of health care on national and international levels. The materials are also given to raise awareness of issues in the nursing profession, and as well as the improving impact of economic factors and continuing struggles against inadequate pay and work conditions.

Importance and Works of Nurses

International Nurses Day

Unfortunately, today also many people usually think that the only doctor is the most important people who perform well in healthcare, but this is not true. Nurses play an essential role in all our medical institutions, being responsible for the welfare, protection, and recuperation of patients. Nurses have a vast amount of knowledge and many various skills that they spend years to accomplish and developing.

Nurses care for the sick and injured people and they help to bring new life into the world. On many moments, Nurse noticed a mistake in a doctor’s prescription in time to saves someone’s life. They are Nurses who are hard working, long hours working, and emotional duress and that are part of the life of every nurse. International Nurses Day is celebrated to encourage all nurses who spend their life in healthcare.

What do People do on this Day?

International Nurses Day

To celebrate International Nurses Day, on this day many events are organized to show support for the Nurses. Promotional and educational activities and events are held to raises people’s awareness of the hard work of Nurses and to encourage Nurses. Social Media and website of this day theme are also promoting Nurses day, and people leave their positive comments and the thank you message on the Nurses websites to encourage them. In Australia, Canada, and the United States the International Nurses Day is celebrated in whole a week, and usually, it is known as National Nurses Week.

Is it a Public Holiday?

The International Nurses Day is an annual celebration and not a public holiday. Public life is not affected by this day.

Every year, the International Nurses Day is celebrated by its specific theme. This year in 2019, the International Nurses Day theme is “Nursing: The Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit,” and the events and activities of this day in this year will organizing and celebrating by their year’s theme.

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