The International Midwives Day is an annual observance which is celebrated on 5th May around the world to promote and focus on the works of midwives and midwifery. This day is an opportunity to raises awareness about the contribution of the midwives towards the patients all over the world. International Midwives Day is helping to reminds us that the female body is competent in giving birth and carrying a child to process without some of the invasive methods employed by Obstetricians and other practicians.

History of International Midwives Day

International Midwives Day

On 1987, in International Congress of Midwives in the Netherlands, the idea of the International Midwives Day to recognize and honor midwives was proposed by the Australian delegation and discussed among international midwifery associations came out. The initiative took some time to go through the UN System but was officially started in 1992. However, in 1991, International Midwives Day was first celebrated on 5th May by using the theme “Towards safe birth for all by the year 2000”. It is a day that is recognized and celebrated around the world and has been observed in more than 50 nation around the world.

What do People do on this Day?

International Midwives Day

International Midwives Day is an annual observance which is celebrated all over the world to highlight the importance of midwives towards the health of the mothers and babies by organizing lots of activities. Many events are held on this day to support the “Safe Motherhood” as well as promote the midwifery profession to all over the world by increasing the awareness about their contributions. Those activities which are organized to celebrate this day are performance activities, singing contest, march, public place rallies, street parade, arranging stalls in the market, information and advice activities, meetings, workshops, conferences, news through various websites and many other activities organized by the government and non-government organizations and NGOs.

By organizing these activities, it provides an opportunity to all midwife to think about their passion for enhancing their knowledge and skills and spread it. Social media sites also promote International Midwives Day by posting activities and sharing ideas about this day.

Why Is International midwives day celebrated?

According to the statistics, it is noted that about 350 000 women are dying every year due to pregnancy threats or during childbirth, approximately 2 million newborns babies are dying just after their birth or within 24 hours of their birth, and around 2.6 million of the cases are spontaneous abortion.

We have ought to lessen and prevented these death rates by adding some precautions and safety measures to the pregnant women and newborn babies. International midwives day is started celebrating every year to raises awareness about the roles of midwives and as well as to increasing needs of more midwives all around the world. The works of the well-educated midwifery in all the functioning health systems by proper equipment has been reducing the death rate up to 60% all over the world.

Is it a Public Holiday?

The International Midwives Day is an annual observance and not a public holiday. Public life in only affected when some march and rallies have occurred.

International Midwives Day

During the celebration of International Midwives Day, midwifery services are motivated by enhancing the quality training, implementing advanced technologies, enabling the necessary environment for the midwives to play vital roles in the community, society and thus in developing countries.


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