International Men’s Day is an annual International event, celebrate annually on 19 November around the world to raises awareness about gender relations and promote unity. The main purpose of this day is to focus on Man’s health. And other feature of this day is to improving gender relations, showed that men could do a positive role, and promoting gender equality.

History of International Men’s Day

The project of International Men’s Day was announced on 8 February 1991. And in February 1992 it was Inaugurate by Thomas Oaster. And after some years, the International Men’s Day was re-initialized in Trinidad and Tobago on 19 November 1999. Malta celebrates the most extended International Men’s Day, where events have to start since 7 February 1994. At this time, it is not an official United Nation’s observance. An application has called for the UN to make International Men’s Day an official UN’s observance in the interest of equality.

International Men's Day

Now more than seventy countries are celebrated International Men’s Day around the world but it’s not always been like this, many countries in the world like the United States and the United Kingdom have recently started to celebrate this day. As well as, the November also recognized as International Men’s month. International Men’s Day has focused on improving men’s health, gender relations, promote gender equality, make responsible males and highlighting the positive role of male models. It also looks at to solve issues such as parenting, families, and healthy life choices for men.

What do people do on International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day is an occasion for the people to observe the contributions, sacrifices, and progress made by men in society. Such progress is made by together working of men and women for enhancing the educational, economic, technological and social institutes and organizations in society. On this day, in many events, activities, talk shows and many other media programs are discussed on many topics like Men’s and boys’ health, The importance of gender equality, Positive male role models for young generations, Men’s roles in community, family, relationships and childcare and Improvements in gender relations in all societies. International Men’s Day is supported by many organizations around the world including the United Nations. Meetings or group gathering are also held to focus on social problems like domestic violence and drug misuse and to overcome these problems. It is an opportunity to highlight prejudices against men and boys and to celebrate their success and contributions in community, family, marriage, and child care. The biggest and main aim of this event is to promote fundamental humanitarian values.

Is it a Public Holiday?

International Men’s Day is not a public holiday. Business and offices are open as usual. But traffic and parking conditions may change if activities are taking place on a large scale then people faced many problems.

On this day, faces of all male role models are seen in various promotional things such as posters, postcards, informative booklets, and newspaper. On this day red roses are also given to men for their encouragement. Various messages and slogans which are promoting this day are also published during this time of the year.

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