Before describing Tolerance, firstly we know that what is Tolerance? We can be defined tolerance as a fair and honorable attitude towards others whose lifestyle differs from yours, and you can also say that a fair attitude towards other people who are living around us.

International Day for Tolerance

The International Day of Tolerance is celebrated by the International community annually around the world on 16 November. This day is an observance that proclaimed by UNESCO in 1995 to create the public’s awareness of the hazard of intolerance, and to educate people about the need for tolerance in society.

History about International Day of Tolerance

On 16 November 1996, the UN General Assembly invited the UN member state to observe the International Day of Tolerance (by resolution 51/95). This movement came in the wake of the United Nations Year for Tolerance, 1995, announced by the assembly in 1993 (resolution 48/126). The initiative of UNESCO was declared the day on General Conference. The UNESCO’s member state adopted the consent on the Principals of Tolerance and Follow Up the plan of Action for the year on 16 November 1995. In 2005 World Summit Outcome documents outline the commitment of Head of state and Government to advance human welfare, freedom, and progress everywhere. And inspire tolerance and respect among people and cultures.

Is this Day is a Public Holiday?

The United Nation’s International Day of Tolerance is not a public holiday. All businesses, Educational Institutes, and other workplaces are open as usual. This day is only a global observance and a day to spread human rights and tolerance.

What did people do on International Day of Tolerance?

The International Day of Tolerance is a time to teach the people about respecting and accepting the rights and trust of others. Additionally, it is also a time of reflection and discussion on the negative impact of intolerance that is spread in the society. On International Day of Tolerance, live discussion and debate programs are taking place worldwide. And they focus on such crimes that are spread in the society like cruelty, brutality, racialism, and depression that have adverse effects on the society.

Human Rights protestors are also using the International Day of Tolerance as an opportunity to speak out on human rights laws and especially on the crimes and discriminations in opposed to minorities. Many education institutions use the theme of International Day of Tolerance to help students in classrooms and lecture theaters to understand the issues of intolerance, human rights, and non-violence. And you can also found these issues in books, in lessons materials. Information of the International Day of Tolerance is spread through posters, newspapers, broadcasts and by other promotional things to raises awareness in the people about the importance of tolerance.

Many festivals and consultation programs are held around the world to educate the people for the promotion of tolerance and non-violence in the Occasion of International Day of Tolerance every year.  At the workplaces, special training programs, talks or messages about the importance of tolerance are used on this day.

International Day for Tolerance

The United Nations is committed to stabilizing tolerance by promoting among cultures and peoples. For this United Nations has launched a new campaign. It aims to lessen the negative thoughts attitude towards refugees and migrants and encourage tolerance, dignity, and respect around the world.

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