International Dance Day is an annual event celebrated on 29 April every year to promote the art of dance around the world and the anniversary of the Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), who created the modern ballet.

History of International Dance Day

International Dance Day

International Dance Day is first celebrated in 1982, established by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) to bring broader public attention to the art of dance and ITI is the main partner for the performing arts of UNESCO. International Dance Day is a day of celebration day for those who can see the value and importance of the art form dance and acts as an awakening call for governments, politicians, and institutions which have not yet recognized the value of the people.

From its creation in 1982, every year an excellent dance personality is chosen to write a message for the celebration of International Dance Day. The author of the message is selected by the International Dance Committee of ITI and the Executive Council of ITI, and the message is translated into many languages and spreads around the world.

Events on this Day

International Dance Day

To mark International Dance Day, ITI creates a premium event in a selected host city, at which there are dance performances, educational workshops, humanitarian projects, speeches made by envoys, dance personalities and the message chosen’s Author for that year. Every year on 29 April, the International Theatre Institute (ITI) invites its members along with many personalities and admirer people to join them in a Gala Celebration.

The Executive Council of ITI decided a host city every year in which Gala Celebration takes place. The program of the Gala Event can be different, but usually, this event consists of top-quality dance performances from worldwide, student performances, dance theme speeches, and a person read Message for that year’s event which is selected author’s message. Besides the Gala, ITI centers across the world are encouraged people to observe International Dance Day on 29 April in their towns by various special events and festivals like dance performances, humanitarian inspiration, and educational motivations, etc.

Goals of International Dance Day

International Dance Day

There are some goals of International Dance Day, and this day is celebrated to promote these goals. These goals are listed below:

  • Around the world, promoting dance in all its forms.
  • To enhances the people’s awareness for the importance of dance in all its forms.
  • To shares the happiness of dance with other people.
  • Enjoying dance in all its forms for its purpose.
  • To make able the dance community to promote their work on a large scale so that governments and other people are aware of the value and importance of dance in all its forms and they support it.

Is it a Public Holiday?

The International Dance Day is an annual observance and not a public holiday. Public life is not affected by this day

This particular day is all about the history of dance and the identification of its place in society. Around the world, dance is an art form and a plan of communication in cultures, and it is also a visual, cultural, spiritual, and physical expression that both the dancer and the audience are enjoyed. Dance is not only an art form, but it is also a kind of exercise or a method of enjoyment.

International Dance Day


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