International Beer Day is an annual celebration which is held on the first Friday of every August all around the world to encourages people to try out new flavors of beers. The reason for this holiday is for friends to gather together and enjoy some beer together, and to celebrate those who brew and work for beer.

History of International Beer Day

International Beer Day

Originally International Beer Day was started in 2007 in  San Francisco, California by Jesse Avshalomov, Evan Hamilton, Aaron Araki, and Richard Hernandez. The United States celebrate this to bring friends and strangers with each other over pints of beer on this International Beer Day. In between 2007 to 2012 when it was started, this day is celebrated on 5 August every year and after this, this day is converted into the first Friday of August. The organizers changed the date of International Beer Day. When this day was started, it is celebrated only in western United State as a small event, but now it is observed in more than 207 cities, over 60 countries and six continents.

Purpose of International Beer Day

Especially, International Beer Day has three announced purposes:

  • Gathering with friends and enjoy the flavor of a beer.
  • Celebrate for those who are responsible for brewing and serving beer.
  • To connect the world under the banner of beer, by celebrating the International Beer Day from all nations to come together on a single day.

How People celebrated this day?

International Beer Day

International Beer Day is started celebrated in a local bar, but later on, it is observed in all around the world by organizing many events. In these include Tapping of new or rare beers, all-day happy hours, trivia nights, binge drinking, beer flights, and many others. In this International Beer Day, people also give one another a gift of beer to encourage each other. It is also proposed that people step out of their domestic/locally brewed from a safe zone and taste a sample of beer from another culture. There are also many other ways to celebrate this day like you can make friends gathering together and enjoy the different sample of beers. You can also participate in events which are held on this International Beer Day which are near to you. Also, celebrate for those who are responsible for brewing and serving beer.

Is it a Public Holiday?

The International Beer Day is an annual observance and it is not a public holiday.