While history could be wrong at times but the Indiana presidential elections 2016 shall be well dominated through Indiana total votes 2016 as Indiana voting history proves an important path towards 2016’s Indiana presidential elections. There are many of ways in which these predictions can work out very well because they aren’t mere flukes but calculated statistical results that are based on history as well as current trends.



The Indiana presidential elections 2016 prediction base

There have been wide and sound predictions for Indiana presidential elections 2016 which are not mere estimations and are not just based on Indiana voting history as well. These are based on the primary caucuses that have been already carried out to know about the 2016 Indiana presidential election results in a rough idea beforehand to know about the popularity well.

The activity was carried out well in Indiana as they did not want to rely solely on the long-dated Indiana voting history. The Democratic primary has remained very close as 22 percent of the votes that were counted came to have Bernie Sanders leading Hillary Clinton by less than 20 votes. It was in this state that Donald Trump was seen to crush his rival Ted Cruz who had to drop in then. The lead was seen as early returns through dramatic changes as Trump lead from 47% to 31 % and got out victorious. Besides, all this the predictions from the Associated Press have also predicted Trump as the dominator here.

Indiana voting history


Indiana, voting history for Indiana, Total votes 2016

While the Indiana voting history remains awaited to be discussed the most amazing fact about Indiana is that out of America’s 3,141 counties, there is only one that has always voted with the winner in each of the November presidential elections since 1956. This is the Vigo County in Indiana.  Now looking at this surprising reality and the above-mentioned primary this could well indicate that both Indiana voting history and the caucuses show that Indiana total votes 2016 shall reflect the same in Indiana presidential elections 2016 and all over the country too.

Back in 2008, it was Obama having 11 electoral votes to his name and 49.85% popularity while Mc Cain had also had a close call with 48.82% votes as well. Next up when it comes to the November presidential elections of 2012 then the tables are seen differently turned as Romney the Republican gets to choose the 11 electoral votes with a 54.13% popularity as Obama followed behind with 43.93% in the same.

Looking at the different elections of the past decade there have been close calls between the two while each of the Democrats and Republicans has gotten one of the elections on their side. Hence looking at these, the prediction hadn’t been possible if the area is a blue for Democrats or a red for the Republicans.