The results for Illinois depend on the Illinois voting history that shall reveal 2016’s Illinois presidential election results in line with the Illinois total votes 2016 for Illinois presidential elections 2016. The affair is gaining grounds as each day is nearing towards the elections while history is yet to show the predictions or the otherwise understated conditions.

Illinois voting history


How are different parties ranking in Illinois voting history and Illinois total votes 2016?

Different parties have been having their trends and preferences within each state while Illinois voting history reveals that the Democrats have been winning fairly all along. What is here to be noted is that the Democrats haven’t been paying much attention to Illinois after all. Illinois might be Obama’s home state, and he has, therefore, been winning by wide margins here, but there have been recent trends that show Romney victory in Illinois as he is seen everywhere whether it is businesses, parking lots, churches or even farms. There isn’t any sign of Obama at all which makes the victory seem a bit distant this time in 2016’s Illinois presidential elections. The situation has been truly stunning as anyone stepping in Illinois shall see Romney signs everywhere and no Obama signs at all.

While people have believed the area to be purely Democrat as it has never lost since 1992 but the truth is that it has been fluctuating if one looks more into the bigger picture. With the whole Illinois voting history, there have been 22 victories for Democrats while Republicans have had it 24 times in all too.

Hence, the results for Illinois can be varying if one sees how Democrats are not paying any heed to the state at all because of the obvious going to them, due to being the elected president’s home state. The case could shift this year as the candidate is different this year too.

Illinois voting history


What results are being predicted for 2016’s Illinois presidential election?

When it comes to the Illinois voting history, there has been a continuous trend that can help to know the order to the Illinois total votes 2016 in 2016’s Illinois presidential elections as results. Looking back at the last few years in which the election results took place, the results are in proximity to be predicted for Illinois presidential elections 2016.

It has been seen in the 2008 elections that Barack Obama had not only won over the whole country but he had surely won over Illinois through 61.85% votes from his Democratic party where the state has to offer 21 electoral votes, and all 21 had been gained by his candidate Joe Biden on 4th of November 2008.

Later in 2012’s elections the electoral votes for Illinois came to 20 electoral votes again won by Obama as Mitt Romney got no support overall.

It looks like what happens in Illinois voting history is truly what is going to be reflected in Illinois total votes 2016 as well?