Before describing the Human Rights Day, firstly I will inform you that what is “Human Right”? Human Rights are the basic rights or freedom that belongs to all persons who are living in this Earth until from his/her birth to death. It is regardless of where you are from, what things you believe in or how you live your life. Every person has its rights on other people that can never b taken away. These basic rights are based on values like dignity, equity, justice, esteem, and freedom. These values are described and protected by law in every culture and country.

“Life is not a matter of place, things or comfort; rather, it concerns the basic human rights of the family, country, justice and human dignity”— Imelda Marcos

The Human Rights Day is an international day observed on 10 December annually around the world to promote human rights or freedom that everyone is entitled to this in the world. It is a day to understand and get a widespread knowledge about human rights.

History of Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day

Keep in mind the Second World War and all the losses which should never be allowed to occur again. In 1945, the United Nations came forward to protect and promote Human Rights. Thus after three years, on 10 December 1948, the United Nation General Assembly adopted and declared the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, France. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights aims to form a basis for human right and the continuous colonialism that was common in the world at that time. In present history, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is considered as the most translated document. Now, it is available in more than 400 languages.

On 4 December 1950, the first stability of human rights day took place at the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. In their meeting, the United Nations invited all states and organizations to observe this day as a Human Rights Day. After this, this day is celebrated annually around the world on 10 December.

Saving Our Rights

Human Rights Day

Human rights are relevant to all of us. It is our basic rights or freedom. In these many rights are involves like our right to live, education, health, equal rights, dignity, justice and liberty of thoughts and opinions. In many countries of the world, Human Rights are not appropriate given to people. Everyone disparage to one another to give them rights. It is due to lack of knowledge, and they are those countries where the educational system is weak, and they are mostly developing countries. For saving our rights some organizations and groups organize a protest on Human Rights Day to raises awareness and alert people from circumstances in all parts of the world where human rights are not accepted or respected, or where these rights are not considered to be important.

How do human rights help people?

Human Rights Day

Human rights are linked with all of us, not just those who face brutality or mistreatment. It protects people in many ways of their day-to-day life, including:

  • People’s right to thoughts and shows their own opinions
  • People’s rights to get the education
  • People’s right to live a private and family life
  • People’s right to get health treatment
  • People’s right not to be mistreated or giving wrong punishment by the state
  • People’s right to get justice and equality

Importance of Human Rights

Human Rights Day

Human rights are too important because they provide equality and justice in our society. Everyone is competent to all the rights and freedoms without differentiation of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, constitutional, national or social origin, property, birth or another position. To better understand the importance of human rights firstly we need to understand all the cruelty and barbarity that are occurred against human rights. For this Human Rights Day is celebrated to enhance the people’s knowledge about human rights and its violations.

It is important for society to live with human rights through its practices, behavior, and attitudes. Once in a year, the celebrations of Human Rights is important, but the living of human rights is essential every day. To live human rights values means to support the persecuted, embrace the eliminate, supporter for the voiceless, and celebrate the variety of our community.

What do People do on Human Rights Day?

Human Rights Day

On Human Rights Day many celebrations take place like exhibitions, stage shows, cultural festivals, conferences, and some groups organize the protest. All that celebrations concerns with Human Rights issues worldwide, and to enhance people’s awareness, especially educate today’s youth about their rights and why it’s important to hold on to them.

Media is also promoting Human Rights Day through talk shows and online conference meetings. In Schools and other educational institutions organize various competitions like arts, debates, essay writing, etc for students to raises awareness about this day. Many organizations like government, non-government, local and social organization also take part on this day by scheduling various events.

What’s Open or Closed on this Day?

The United Nation’s Human Rights Day is an annual observance, not a public holiday. All educational institutions and businesses are open as usual. Public life is only affected when protest occurs.

This year on Human Rights Day we have to work together to encourage people for Human Rights by organizing campaigns like text/SMS messages, film screening, and discussion or coordinate a film festival to highlighting all the Human Rights.

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