Most of us do not know how the system counts the total votes in US presidential election. The login of Total Votes US presidential election is different from other countries. Read it and Understand total votes in the US.

Voting is always been the crucial concern for all the matters of the presidential assessment. All over the globe voting is being adopted now and since the old king system has been eradicated from the major part of the world. The world needs change so the old story that the son of the King will become the next king has now been uprooted. Now the total votes of a country determine the glory and select a person for the nominees. The same story of the election is also going to display in US on the November 8th, 2016, but there is some difference. Total votes in US do not reveal the story of the president but there is something different here.

There is something weird and something all in different in the US because the total votes in US do not support the president. The American system is different than the other system of the election in the world. As the America consists of the states, therefore, the system of the glorious country is also unique in nature. In all the prerequisite requirement the total votes in us election are not enough to decide about the president of the United States. This all is because of the system which the United States holds.



How the election system does differ?

The US election system is different from the entire world as being true in nature and being the most impact paying one. In all across the US, there is something which is not being founded in the whole world. The whole world has a different strategy than us itself has created the story. Whenever we pay a look at this scenario, we find something unique.

We can see that as we look at the other places that the vote by every single nationality holder will lead to the party who will be dominant and then the next story begins. When there would be one party got elected who has got maximum votes in all across the country then they can easily determine the person as their president.

But this formula does not apply in the US because the votes of people do not support directly to the president but they support to the steps for the president. Total votes in us do not stand for the president in the criteria. The president would be selected on behalf of the delegates. And the president would be here on behalf of the strategies which would be so sure for us. We will find this as a concern of surety and this will tell us the glory with certainty.

What does President hold?

President in the United States has some different and the other type of stairs. President is not only holding the delegates but also holding the republic.  A president is a representative of both republic and the democratic here in the United States. This will be the difference of the present here but not about the other places of the America.

Here the president comes forward to people by both the Republic and also the democratic. Both of these two sections are the response for US election. The president here in the United States will be on the criteria of getting both sides. And, therefore, the total votes us presidential election does not influence on the president directly. The matter is out of the eye and is indirect for this.



How is the president chosen?

To make someone the president here in us he/she must have to be followed a footway, and this will tell the worth of being the president. The following can be helpful one image for this purpose.

Primary elections:

Basically on behalf of the first primary elections by the parties going to be held. And when the election by the parties held out, then they will tell about the being their selected one personality. When they have done with this, then the next method come front of us.

Role of states:

As we all are aware by this that the US has states, so the states are a response for us president and they will tell about this thing in all the aspects. They will look forward to the selection. All the states here in us will decide a person who will become the delegate and will get the support by the people of the state. The selected one candidate will get power from all the states and will be a one who has now the worthy aspects.

Matter of delegates:

Now as the delegates have been decided by the people of the states, now all of that delegates has to decide about the person who is going to be the president and also going to be the vice president.

All the delegates will vote for the person to whom they want to be the president and then on this behalf all the story will surround by. People of the states will decide to have some power for making a person a true president, and then they will do something rally inleucn. That is how the total votes in us election do work. And they tell the glory for the certain and obvious way.

As we are aware that the United States consist upon the 538 states, then all of that states are responsible for the president. If all the delegates will support a person more than else than the selected would get the place.

All the delegates would have to give the votes about the person more than 270 by an average figure and then we can have the resulting front of us. This all will be so finest and will tell us each and every step for this.

But here one thing else that the one who will get more delegates will be a major choice. For instance, the Republic got 6 and the democratic got four delegates in support so the republic would be the selected one nomination for the presidential elections. So the total votes in us presidential election will tell us the true aspects of elections.

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