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Christmas is a day that is celebrated to mark the birthday of Jesus Christ. This particular day is usually a public holiday in almost all the countries in the world. The reason why it is usually a public holiday is to give Christians time to celebrate together with their families and loved ones. During this period people often share symbolic gifts. Decorations are also incorporated with the most symbolic decoration being the Christmas tree. In almost every place that this day is market Christmas tree are usually used where they are decorated in different ways and gifts are placed under the trees. Another significant symbol of this day is Santa who usually gives gifts and listens to wishes, especially from children.


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How long has Christmas been Celebrated

Understanding how long Christmas celebrated is important because it lets people know its history. Records show that this particular day is one of the oldest holidays where it has been commemorated for a hundred of years. The actual Christmas day is usually on the twenty-fifths of December every year. But in the past, some people celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ on a different date. Currently, in Greek and Russian Orthodox churches Christmas is celebrated 13 days after the 25th of December which is also referred to as the three kings day or the epiphany. However, in most places, Christmas is celebrated on the 25th December, and this date was arrived on as a way of the main church absorbing the tradition of the pagan Saturnalian festival.

The history of how long has Christmas been celebrated shows that the variation of dates was mainly because the precise date in which Jesus Christ was born is not known. Therefore the church had the responsibility of deciding which day would be most suitable to celebrate the birth of Christ. In some places such as England was even banned for sometimes. In 1645 Oliver Cromwell and his Puritan forces took over England. They vowed to rid England of decadence and as a result outlawed Christmas. But after sometimes Charles II came into power and through a popular demand this holiday was restored. Between 1659 and 1681 Christmas was not celebrated in America as a result of the English separatists who came to America. In fact, Christmas in America was declared a federal holiday in 1870.

Accurate details on how long Christmas celebrated shows that even in 354 AD Christmas was still being celebrated in different places including Rome. This clearly indicates that this is one of the oldest festivals since Christians have always tried to remember the day Jesus Christ was born. Since then the dates have changed from time to time depending on places and believes. But the theme of the celebrations remained the same in all the places. The modern ways of celebrating Christmas were adopted in the 17th century in most places. Therefore, understanding how long has Christmas been celebrated shows that Christmas has been celebrated for many years where even people who are not Christians have been joining the Christians to commemorate when Jesus Christ was born.


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How many countries celebrate Christmas

Knowing how many countries celebrate Christmas can also be challenging because almost every country in the world celebrates this day. Everywhere there are Christians in the world Christmas is usually celebrated. However, even the countries with more people from other religions also observe this particular day as almost everyone joins the Christians in celebrating. There are still countries that celebrate the day on different days besides the 25th of December. Knowing how long Christmas celebrated also shows that some countries recognized this day before others. But the baseline on how many countries celebrate Christmas is that ninety-nine percent of the world’s countries celebrate this day.

In most countries that Christmas is celebrated, this particular day is usually a holiday. The majority of the people do not go to work on this given day. People are given time to interact and have fun with their loved ones. Most of the people usually buy gifts ahead of this day to ensure they have the gifts on the Christmas day. Furthermore, through understanding how long has Christmas been celebrated it becomes easier to understand how many countries celebrate Christmas. This is because the history of this day is deep and it shows that people from different parts of the world have been celebrating this day for a long time. The history also shows that it not necessarily the countries with more Christians that celebrate the day. Therefore, Christmas has been celebrated for a long time, and virtually all countries in the world celebrate this day.

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