Increase in the number of street children come from poverty as children are thrown out of their homes to earn a living. Poverty is directly related to lack of education and job opportunities available. Lack of education brings unawareness in planning your family in accordance with the source of income. To address all these critical problems, we need to play our role individually and collectively to make this world a better place to live for all humans and save street children. No matter which part of the world you live in, this issue prevails in all parts of the world to a great extent. There are several steps we can take for the betterment of all human beings and save street children from ruining their lives.

Rehabilitation Centers:

To keep the street children safe from illegal activities, we must join hands information of a rehabilitation center that works as a shelter, where they can feel safe. It would provide these vulnerable children an opportunity to live in a clean place with hygienic food to eat. We can build a place where we can teach street children to wash hands properly, before taking a meal. Medical services in the rehabilitation center would save street children from streets and protected against diseases.


The different creative activities carried out here would enable them to build mental skills. A company of good friends would allow them to think positively towards life. There is hardly any chance; anybody would get involved in drugs or intake of alcohol. A shelter to live under would save street children from any getting involved in any illegal activities in the outside world.

Volunteer Work as a Mentor:

There are many organizations working for the bright future of street children. There are various vacancies we can fill up according to our expertise. We can either volunteer as a mentor or become a member of the financial body. Street children need special kind of grooming; something skillful teachers can provide. We need to volunteer in any sort of activities being carried out in our society for the betterment of these children. In order to save street children, we must dedicate ourselves passionately for their bright future.


Raising money for Charity:

To help street children, we must look out for the charities working for the fund-raising. We must actively participate in the fund-raising as a volunteer to try to collect as much money as we can. This charity money would be used for the education, shelter and food requirements to save street children from getting wasted on the streets. We should also contribute to this noble cause ourselves and let our friends and family know about the charity.

Donation to Children Welfare Organizations:

Donations can be given to the organizations working for the welfare of these street children. A donation is just not about money, the cause can be supported by donating clothes, food and various other items that can be utilized by the welfare organization in supporting children. We can also run a donation campaign on social media which can generate a good amount of participation from people. A lot of people are willing to help these organizations financially and we could be the one showing them the path to donate. In order to save street children, we should play our part with passion and sincerity.


Educate Street Children:

Awareness comes with a high level of education. Without education, it is near to impossible for the street children to determine the opportunities they are missing out. Education teaches not to waste time and move ahead in utilizing the skills one possess for the betterment and prosperity of the country. A nation has never achieved milestones without the high percentage of the educated population. There is a lot of potential in these street children which is overlooked and wasted. We need to create opportunities to educate and save street children to create a sense of awareness. Saving street children from streets is a larger step towards the development and prosperity of the nation.


More Working Opportunities:

It all starts with the need to earn money. We need to create more working opportunities for the street children to kick off their own source of income. Due to the lack of earning opportunities, these children drag themselves into illegal activities. Intake of alcohol and drugs has spoiled a number of children on the streets without being noticed by anybody. Begging on the streets is a very common act in most parts of the world. We should let them know this is their age to learn and earn a respectable living. Different kind of investments can be brought into the country which may lead to job opportunities and in return save millions of street children from the streets.

Foster a Child:

We can foster street children if our financial status allows us to keep him. It can completely change the life of street children from being ignored on the streets to the most caring and loved children of the house. Providing a shelter helps them in building a strong mindset and creative working abilities. We can also support them in their education because a majority of children are uneducated from the beginning of their lives. They would most likely feel themselves in a friendly environment, something they have been deprived of throughout their lives before. In this way, we can save street children from ruining their lives on the streets.



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