With the increasing amount of pressure build in America by a number of Male presidents in the past, the only female standing Hillary Clinton (Democratic Party candidate for US presidential election 2016) Whenever the word female is attached with the elections 2016, there is an obvious idea of Hillary Clinton getting into it one way or the other. It is due to her strong and energetic approaches in the past as the former secretary state that a majority prefer to rely on Hillary Clinton this time as the president of United States one America.

Considering the facts and figures along with her ideas in this year elections, Hilary has promised a good deal of well-researched perspectives that can make a change not just socially but economically as well. When it comes to the corporate economic world of United States of America, a female figure does not make the cut. But to our surprise Hillary Clinton (Democratic Party candidate for US presidential election 2016) has kicked the conservative corporate of Wall Street’s far behind and in her recent debates, she explained that the people of Wall Street should be held accountable for the increasing prices and the frauds of millions of dollars made on the money of a common citizen. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton was of the view that these Wall Street’s wolves should be put to the prison by using good legislative tools.  It looks like Hilary has taken the movie to a whole new level. But still, anyway, her act of revolting against the devil itself is an act worth appreciating.

  • A firm Voting Rights step- Support by Hillary Clinton

Everyone has the right to vote; this is not just mentioned in Universal Declaration of Human rights but this year Hillary Clinton (Democratic Party candidate for US presidential election 2016 ) also has the same comment. It seems as if she will take the matter to the court if the need may be in the future. Also, everyone has right to vote in Alabama, and Hillary Clinton is making an effort to remove the boundaries.

Also, the discrimination taking place in the land of multicultural land has been removed to a great deal and also cover up by Hillary Clinton in her response to the cold debates against Muslim this year during US elections. In her reply, she said that Muslim America has been kind enough to treat our communities in America at their best and are acting their best against their revolt to jihadis in America. They are as much important to America as any other community. By saying, so Hillary Clinton (Democratic Party candidate for US presidential election 2016 ) has won the hearts of many other communities, who after Trump’s speech were suffering from a sense of homelessness in America.

A good leader will not just say things to make the speech better, but at the same time, he/she will plan a complete action for it as well. Hillary Clinton while spending almost 10$ million for just planning her campaign, has given details of her plans when she becomes the president of United States. One of the best speeches she made were that of reducing inflation and increasing prices in America. She explained sadness on the amount of drugs in medical stores and aim at reducing it for facilitating patients in hospitals.

  • Saving America from Degradation- Mother Hillary Clinton on her way

It is important to understand that only a sane person will look into the real matter that is degrading a society, and Hillary Clinton (Democratic Party candidate for US presidential election 2016 ) has been able to pinpoints those facts in real.  The manufacturer of guns and gun dealers has to be sealed, or the industry should be under complete supervision, according to Hillary Clinton.  Not just the guns but Hillary also talks about parenting and family issues in her speech which is really interesting. The family Medical Leave Act is one of those significant attempts by her.


To summarize, Hillary Clinton is one of the perfects candidates for Presidents post and as she has said herself that she has not been so much prepared before. Positive thinking can always bring a positive change in America. Hillary Clinton (Democratic Party candidate for US presidential election 2016 ) has all that America needs!!!

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