Life of Street Children:

Spending life as street children is no less than a mountain-climbing challenge. Hardships begin to tumble these young little street children at the very beginning of their childhood. Life becomes an uphill task for them when they lack the basic necessities of life. Without basic human rights, it is near to impossible to spend a rightful and successful life. This tragedy becomes a part of life right when they step out of their home forever. One hardship leads to another and it becomes a long chain of unbreakable tragedy to survival. A few common and major hardships faced by street children are discussed below:

Food and Shelter:

Food is the basic necessity of life. Human beings can’t live without food and water. Street children barely get anything to eat on a daily basis. The ones who are kicked out of their house due to poverty, find themselves in a “nowhere to go” scenario. As a result, they are supposed to stay in the streets without any shelter or food to eat. Hardships faced by street children take its first step when they find themselves deprived of basic two things in their life. For a child at this early age, food should not be a concern!

Lack of Education:

As said earlier, one hardship leads to another. Lack of education is the step two towards destroying the future of street children. Education teaches good or bad. It begins at home but unfortunately, they are kicked out at this stage of life. An uneducated child has to work somewhere as labor to earn living for him. In the long run, it becomes very tough to survive in society without education and adds up to the hardships faced by street children.



Without proper care of these street children, health issues start to rise. There is no guardian to look after them and eventually they suffer from serious health issues. Some of them even die on the roads due to lack of medication while others continue to spend their lives with one or two diseases that ruin their life. Hardships faced by street children are terrible and heartbreaking.


Life Security:

While living in the streets, there is no sense of safety or security in the lives of street children. They can easily get into a trap of fraudulent activities. Anyone can harm them in the streets and nobody cares, unlike home where the parents protect their children in the best possible way. However, these children are humiliated in society and not treated with good behavior. The insecurity of life is one of the main hardships faced by street children.


Sexual Abuse:

Street children look suspicious to the public and with the need of earning a living, fall prey to fraudulent activities. Sexual exploitation and sexual abuse are very common hardships faced by street children. These children are trapped by such people who get them involved in such activities by offering a better living. With the lack of education, they are unable to understand how devastating this could turn out for them in the future. Many girls are forced into prostitution and other sexual activities.


Child Labor:

Hardships faced by street children doesn’t end here. They are deprived of their childhood in the shape of child labor. Child labor is considered a cheap source of labor. Employment of children at a very early age has been an ever-increasing trend followed by street children. It destroys their mental abilities and endangers them physically. Many get themselves employed as workshop boys, waiters or servants in order to earn a living to survive in this challenging world.


Extreme Weather Conditions:

These street children without any shelter or home tend to survive in streets somehow. Meanwhile, they have to bear all types of weather conditions. Whether it is scorching hot or freezing cold, they are supposed to face it by themselves on the streets. It’s another tragedy of life and one of the cruel hardships faced by street children to live without a home in these extreme weather conditions.

Drugs Addiction:

Street children under no attention of their parents, easily fall prey to illegal activities. Some of them are exploited by drug addicted people and forced into taking drugs. With the passage of time, street children become addicted to drugs and few of them even get themselves involved in the drugs supply as well. Law enforcement personnel take strict actions against them and even lock them in prisons for such illegal activities. Hardships faced by street children begin once they get drug addicted at this early age.

Begging in Streets:

While some get drug addicted, others wander on the roads begging. It all initiates with earning a living for poor children. Some of them are forced into the streets to beg for money. It doesn’t take long before street children become proper beggars. There is nobody to teach them at this point in life. Their life becomes endangered and vulnerable.


Some street children are kidnapped from the streets and taken by powerful people. Here they are humiliated and used for pervasive purposes for them. Acts like the removal of organs make them disable and force to beg on streets. Hardships faced by street children begin when these people use them as slaves and sexual exploitation as well.



In the absence of shelter, street children live on the roadside. As a result, they are exposed to unhygienic conditions. Neither do they keep themselves clean nor the clothes, do they wear. This act of uncleanliness brings serious health issues which are nothing less than the hardships faced by street children.



The public has negative views about street children with many of them involved in illegal activities. People see them with a suspicious eye. They suffer violence attack when they get caught in activities such as pickpocketing. The instinct to earn a living leads them to anything that comes in their way. Hence become a victim of violence in our society and sums up to the hardships in their lives.


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