International Women’s Day is coming soon, so it is a moment to celebrate the contributions and also achievements of women all over the world from our past and present and to send Happy International Womens Day Message.  From Margaret Corbin’s heroism throughout the American Revolution to the 1st Navy WAVES during World War 2, to the 1st women soldiers who graduated from the elite Army Ranger School last year, ladies have been serving, battling, and contributing to the safety and success of our great nation because it’s founding, and then achieve this today.

Happy International Women's Day Message

Happy International Womens Day Message:

What’s the point of International 8 March Women’s Day Message? It was initially established for working women’s rights in 1911 as well as for decades was hardly observed away from the Soviet bloc, where its origins in women’s challenges were suffocated in rituals of men giving flowers as well as chocolates to female family members as well as employees. Such belated Valentine’s gestures might be enjoyed by a few. However, they hardly make up for the high levels of alcohol-fuelled violence and also the post-Cold War erosion of women’s rights in Putin’s Russia, such as access to jobs, training as well as equal pay.

Happy International Womens Day Message sends on this day to serves honor to the strides ladies have made towards the accomplishment of their rights as well as equality at home, workplace as well as in society in general.

We appreciate and honor the struggle of trade unions towards making sure women’s economic empowerment as well as parity. Women’s structures, as well as gender equality policies within trade unions, happen to be central to women’s union activities. As education union activists, women leaders who’re members of EI’s member organizations also make sure gender equality within education. As a response to the theme  to ‘step it up for gender equality’,  the National Executive Committee of SADTU, in the last meeting held on 19 February 2016, re-affirmed the Union’s dedication to gender equality as well as acknowledged that it’s a human right problem that impacts all of us and is central to the democratic functioning of our unions as well as societies. The NEC solved commit to:

  • Make it feasible for women to take part in unionism by making sure union meetings, procedures and activities are more gender-sensitive;
  • Previously integrate gender equal rights issues into collective bargaining procedures;
  • Intensify efforts to close the gender pay as well as pension gaps
  • The Union will new hold events across all nine areas to mark International Women’s Day on the 11th and also 12th of March, 2016.

8 March Women’s Day Message:

International Women’s Day Message, The Department of Defense must continue being open and comprehensive as we make an effort to bring in America’s best talent, such as from our remarkable community of ladies, who make up greater than 50 % of the American population. To achieve our goal of national defense, we can’t afford to cut ourselves off from half the country’s skills and talents – we must make the most of every person who can meet our high requirements.

That’s why Recently I announced that DoD is opening all military jobs and positions to women. Moving forward, this can enable our military to harness better the abilities and perspectives that talented ladies need to offer.

International Women’s Day Message, through the execution of the U.S. National Action Plan on Women, Peace, as well as Security, DoD is helping programs aimed at evolving women’s inclusion in peacebuilding as well as conflict prevention procedures and dealing with the impact of violence as well as conflict on girls and females. Through courses and seminars hosted through DoD’s regional centers as well as geographic combatant commands, we motivate our friends as well as allies to grow the recruitment and preservation of women in their security sectors and also the incorporation of gender perspectives to their peace and safety policy.  Additionally, in training partner militaries in peacekeeping procedures, our forces help equip them to avoid better and respond to sexual and gender-based violence.

International Women’s Day Message sends today and every day, and let’s pledge to carry on our work to advance the status of ladies and girls globally, and also to build the future strength of the finest fighting force the earth has ever seen by harnessing the skills, abilities, and perspectives of 100 % of America’s population.

In the end, I sang “The Mountain Song” by Holly Near. Written in the 70s to assist Kentucky women opposing the destruction of the mountain homes through strip mining, the song was modified by Greenham women like a powerful song of protection, hope as well as resistance. “I have imagined on this mountain since 1st I was my mother’s daughter and also you cannot just take my dreams away” For us the mountain symbolized the high however attainable goals that we required first to dream into chance and then work together to build – peace as well as justice in a world free from nuclear weapons.  Million Women Rise adds the difficult however achievable dreams of women yearning to live free of violence, of girls demanding education as well as resources to control their fertility, develop their potential and also love whomsoever they select.

Standing in the way of human rights, free options, freedoms and political power is a highly unpleasant wall of military-industrial profiteering. We must break militarism right down to size to be able to see and get to the mountain in our real security. Know more about International Womens Day quotes.

When countless women rise all over the world, we will never need an International Women’s Day.  When a lot of women grow all over the world, we will be able to harness all of the days, years and resources we have to cope with global warming, poverty, violence as well as war.