Father’s Day is most significantly a time to show our love as well as an appreciation for the fathers, grandfathers, and also stepfathers in our lives. It’s also a chance to gift them something luxurious, cool, pricey, and maybe even something completely unexpected that dad wouldn’t normally get himself.

Still, have not selected the right special something for Dad for Father’s Day, that is coming up on June 17? Don’t worry, we have got you covered below. Have a look at this selection of unique Father’s Day Present Ideas.

Father’s Day Present Ideas – Yes, dads like to wear jewelry, too.

So, you’re most likely not planning on buying your dad, husband or partner a string of pearls, however, guess what? Men like jewelry (such as watches), as well! If you’re guilty of purchasing a few too many neckties, t-shirts or wallets for the fathers in your life for Father’s Day, it may be time to expand your gifting horizons and find out exactly what the fine jewelry world has to offer. Chances are you’ll discover something which will make the father feel special which he’ll love to wear for many years.

Father’s Day Present Ideas – Wristwatches:

Let’s begin with something basic and classic which pretty much everyone can get behind. Even though everything from his car to his smartphone will tell him the time, a wrist watch is still a useful object (a lot more subtle than whipping out your phone throughout a meeting) and adds a dash of fashion to whatever dad is wearing. When choosing a wristwatch as a present, think about the recipient’s lifestyle – does he dress up for work most days or perhaps is he a busy stay-at-home father? Does he work with his hands a lot, whereby durability is essential? Then think about his personal style, does he usually dresses, classic or preppy, modern or stylish or sporty?

There’s a vast number of watches available. Then consider functionality (calendar, luminous hands, solar-powered, waterproof), materials (durability, color, comfort and ease, weight) and convenience (size of numbers, self-winding, battery, band clasp).

Father’s Day Present Ideas – Something a bit unexpected:

If a wristwatch is simply too ho-hum for the dad in your life, a pocket watch or perhaps a money clip may be only the Father’s Day gift to make him smile. By engraving both of these thoughtful gifts, you’ll make it unique and different to him.


Find the best Father's Day Present Ideas
Find the best Father’s Day Present Ideas

Father’s Day Present Ideas – Bracelets and rings:

Real men do wear bracelets and rings. And the cool thing about men’s jewelry is that it is made from non-traditional materials like stainless steel, tungsten, titanium and also carbon fiber – which makes it very durable and also stylish. Men’s bracelets usually are wider and much more considerable than women’s bracelets and have links, chains and also leather cording. Popular types of necklaces range from simple chains to chains along with pendants, for example, dog tags or other symbols. And a ring featuring his birthstone, another unusual idea for a Father’s Day gift is a ring which has the word “dad” designed into the band.

Father’s Day Present Ideas – Cuff Links:

In case you just can’t resist purchasing father a shirt for Father’s Day, make it one along with French cuffs and also wrap it up with a stylish pair of cufflinks. There are lots of types of cufflinks to choose from, from classic round or even square shapes in silver, titanium, stainless steel or even gold to more elegant styles studded along with diamonds and other gemstones.

Father’s Day Present Ideas  – Apparel:

With summer coming, give your Dad a method to keep fresh and also share his faith in a Catholic T-shirt. Aquinas has a broad range of t-shirts in the Lord’s Gym to the Smiling Icthus. For a more tailored look, select a Chi Ro collared polo shirt. The designer label continues to be replaced with the Chi Rho, an indication for the designer of the universe. Keep Dad warm throughout the year having a Sweatshirt or zip up hoodie which shows Dad follows the “Lord’s Gym.”

Father’s Day Present Ideas – Personalize it:

You can make your gift special for Father’s Day; it’s nice to have it engraved with a message, his initials or even the names and also birth dates of his children. Usually any of the presents above – watches, money clips, bracelets, rings, cufflinks – can be personalized.

The takeaway here is that jewelry isn’t only for mothers. Dads can appreciate a little bling or perhaps a new family heirloom which will hold great emotional value and maybe even be passed down to the next generation. Therefore think out of the (shirt) box this Father’s Day and also surprise father along with a beautiful jewelry gift he’ll treasure.

Father’s Day Present Ideas  – Books and Movies:

Help Dad relax when you nourish his soul. Let him sit back and watch “Champions of Faith” some movies about Professional athletes who serve God through their professions and also family. While ‘The Man Talk’ explores authentic Catholic Manhood and the way to achieve it.

Father’s Day Present Ideas  – Beyond Dad:

Don’t forget those men that sacrifice having children to be called “Father.” Show your parish priest which you support his vocation this particular time of the year. Aquinas and much more has several Priest appreciation cards which honor spiritual fathers, as well. Or, think about a framed print if his patron or parish saint.

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