The Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on 22 April around the world to raises people’s awareness about the Environmental Protection. On this day various events are held to show support for environmental conservation and the importance of earth. Earth Day is the best time to think about the planet where we live on, its importance, and as well as the damaging effects and our actions to protect from these damages.

History of Earth Day

Earth Day

In 1969, the UNESCO Conference was held in San Francisco. In this conference, peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honor of the earth and the idea of peace and it to first to be celebrated on 21 March 1970. It is the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. This day of nature’s equipoise was later permitted in a declaration written by McConnell and signed by Secretary General U Thant at the United Nations. After a month on April 22, 1970, the Earth Day was founded by the United States Senator Gaylord Nelson.

So, Earth Day was first celebrated on 22 April 1970. On this day thousands of colleges and universities arranged protests against the deterioration of the environment and as well as 20 million Americans took to the streets, parks, and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy, comfortable environment. Over with time, it is celebrated in many countries, but now it is celebrated in more than 193 countries around the world.

Importance of Earth Day

Earth Day

Our planet where we live is a magnificent place, and the importance of earth also very important. Due to the abundance of water, it is also known as Blue Planet. The Earth is an improbable complex and dynamic ecosystem, where living organisms communicate with each other and their environment to create excellent conditions for life. Importance of Earth Day is significant because it educates us about what we have and what we are losing by our faults.

The importance of Earth Day also reminds us that now we need to take action to protect our environment before it’s too late. We can guess the importance of earth day by this thing that this day raises awareness in people from the role that the environment played in helping sustain life in this world of ours.

Dangers for Earth

Earth Day

With the time pass, our Earth is in danger day by day. Many dangerous things destroy its charm and beauty. In these include plastic waste materials, waste chemicals, chemical combustions, road traffic pollution, cutting trees and many other facts have destroyed the Earth. These dangerous things are increasing day by day.

It is our land where we live on, where we can do anything. God blessed us this land, and we are destroying its beauty. We ought to do work which is useful for our land, not to do to destroy it. We need to pay attention to the importance of earth. We also ought to lessen these dangerous things that make our land peaceful and beautiful. So, Earth Day is celebrated for preventing such things.

What do people do on Earth Day?

Earth Day

On Earth Day people all around the world do protests for raises awareness of people and show support by organizing various events. People are usually planting trees and cleaning their towns and roads on this day. In educational institutes, the importance of earth day theme lectures is delivered to the student to enhance their knowledge and encourage them. Media also promote this day by talk shows or talk programs, by posting news on their websites about this day and many other ways. Every year has a specific theme of Earth Day.

Is it Public Holiday?

Earth Day is an annual observance around the world and not a public holiday. Public life is only affected when some protests have occurred.

Earth Day is a day of political action and public participation. People usually do many things for promoting this day. Earth Day now becomes a global event every year, and more than 1 billion people all around the world take part in many events which are organized on this day. On this Earth Day, we also work together to make our land beautiful. We also shall do work for preventing our land from dangers.

Earth Day

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