Who won the election 2016 is the question that you are listening everywhere. But do you want to know who won US election 2016? The ideal article on who won US election 2016.

The US elections 2016 has become an important event due to the two different type of candidates. On one side we can find out a person who is a businessman and also the anchor person, and on another side, the story is totally on the contrary. On another hand, we find the senator in the US cabinets Hillary Clinton which is going to take part in the election for the first time in the entire United States history. Therefore this is something which got the attention not only the America but the whole world that how a lady is going to jump in the elections for the first time. Even not only the general elections or the state elections but the elections of the presidency in the world’s most dominant country and super power named as America.


Keeping in view all the matters and all the background of the facts and figures we can find out and will be surprised by the question who won the election 2016. To make the symmetry by this and to develop an interference of the feasibility, you can come to have access here in this article.

Who won the election 2016 by the comparison of personalities?

Here you will come to know easily and effectively about the personalities of both leaders, and by some preview, upon their lives, you will be aware of the things which do matter. All the influencing things which can matter regarding being the president have been given below:


Hillary Clinton preview:

Hillary, as being the Senator of United States and being in the government, has earned not only fame but also has done many of the brighter things. All of that aspects can be so familiar and can draw a conclusion in that era.

Hillary Clinton was not only in the senate assembly but also the first women by the New York and also the first women by the Arkansas. She is considered as the first one who has indulged herself in an election is fighting for the presidential election. Her presence gives a sharp rise to the curiosity about who won the election 2016.

By profession, she is a lawyer who has done a lot of practiced in her field. Because of that she holds the glory in all the matters of the country and dealing with the strategies for the beneficiary of the state. Even she is also a professor of law, and therefore she has commanded in all preview and all the aspects which can make the influence on here standing.


As being a participant in the elections, she is also an activist. Because from her college life, we can find out that she has done a lot of efforts for the surety and success. She was chosen as the only women to speak about the issue through her speech while she was doing her graduation at Wellesley College. So this can be clearly observed that by her early age she is participating and protecting the human rights.

As being reading about her efforts at the backend, we can easily come to know all about her struggle and her passion for determining her result evaluating skills. She is among one in a million women who never give up and therefore in 1995 she was one from the United States to convey the voice of America to the United Nations. That was the fourth women conference in the Beijing, and that was considered as the most competitive part of the state. At that moment she not only does fight but also did a great job and defeated not only the people in the United States but also in the untied nation. She has done all of that by her passion and by her zealous activities.

So all of that things can determine who won US election 2016 and supported the Hillary as well.


Donald Trump preview:

To know clearly about who won US election 2016, we must have to be a family not only just one person but also the most opposing personality here. Mr. Trump as being the dominant and the most affecting person who is the big opponent of Hillary Clinton and can be the one which is affecting most.

A preview of the life of Donald Trump has been discussed below.

Donald Trump is one person who has done graduation by the Wharton school of finance. As being the concern to his graduation and his interests in the matters of business, he stepped to not only business but also the real estate. He has done a great job there, and that’s why he has considered a great one geek and can help to evaluate who won the US election 2016.

Not only the businessman but also the one who did well in writing and being the best author of united states he has completed almost 15 books. And his first book which was the ‘’the art of deal’’ was being famous and a sounding aspect. He earned a lot of fame and people courtesy because of that book.

Not only just this but also he has been a sportsman and an anchor person. So overall he has done a great, and the sounding works although.

So all of that points helps to understand about the Donald Trump, and we can determine the curiosity by who won US election 2016.

General comparison:

By making a general comparison, we can find this out about both of them, and this can be so affected to know about who won US election 2016. We can find that although there are many candidates who are standing but among them the two perfect winners of the primary elections named as the Hillary Clinton and the Donald Trump sound much better.

But when the comparison has been made of the personalities of both of them then we can easily find this out that among them Hillary is more sounding and having likelihood. We can find this out that Hillary has a sounding background and a helping attitude towards people, but Mr. Trump as being the businessman has the psychology of business line. Trump is seemed to be a man who seeks benefits in all the matters as compared to Hillary.

But keeping this on the side we can find out that who won US election 2016 by the electron college which seemed to be more supportive of Hillary Clinton.

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