Given that Father’s Day is on its way, it is time to hand your dad the remote. After surveying various individuals, it seems like just about all fathers has one thing in common: that they like to watch the same kinds of movies. You may refer to these as “Father’s Day Movie.” The best Father’s Day Movies differ in quality. Many of them are underdog sports stories. And yes, many of them star Tom Hanks, who has truly been called “America’s Dad” previously.

It is father’s day so Happy Father’s Day to all you Fathers. As its father’s day what better time than to take a look at movies about fathers you all should enjoy with the family patriarch. So here are a few Father’s Day Movies that cross the genres and may easily appeal to most parents. I’ve deliberately chosen films which are in entirely different genres, so hopefully, you’ll see something, think of your father, and watch it with him.

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It is a pretty easy option since the Godfather is a classic and shows the force and dysfunction of a big mob run family which dominates the criminal underworld. As with every good gangster flicks tragedy unfolds ultimately and we all learn the lesson crime doesn’t pay however it is an excellent film regarding a strong father that won many deserving awards.

Father Of the Bride

I’m willing to admit that I enjoyed this movie quite a lot. I remember seeing it when I was young and also laughing and also feeling all warm and fuzzy as hands off his daughter to be married and exactly what can, does get it wrong. It’s among those films that you simply can’t help to watch and enjoy along with your whole family.

The Shining

This one obviously isn’t for the youngsters because it is extremely a great look at a father who goes off the tracks. That said it is an excellent film and since I’m trying to cover a few genres with this piece, it’s worth talking about for you thriller/horror fans. The film is well written, although provoking and filled with twists and turns.

Jack Nicholson delivers in this movie like a deranged father who’s out to get his wife and son and should fight his inner devils.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

I learned a fascinating fact the other day watching a documentary. The book was based on was written by Ian Fleming who wrote the James Bond books. Discuss strangely. The writer wrote Bond, and it was himself a former MI6 agent after which wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He watches it along with his mom all the time and even though it’s, of course, a bit to the musical for my liking people who have a fun, spirited, musical film with a lot of fun characters will love this one for father’s day.

National Lampoons Vegas Vacation

Truly you can list the Chevy Chase Vacation movies because they are all fun, light-hearted and entertaining. This is obviously assuming you’re a fan of Chevy Chase because I am. The movies are a bit mature in the humor, so it is not a family fun flick per say however it is fun, warm and bumbling and also highly entertaining.

“Animal House”

This might be the dirtiest movie your father will tolerate. Individually, my father owned “Animal House” on Betamax, and viewed it so often that he can continue to recite all the lines. Consider it the “Old School” of the father’s generation. This movie may have reflected your father’s college years. However you will also hope this didn’t.

“Air Force One”

Indiana Jones and also Han Solo are cool parent icons, even when neither were especially good dads. In his films, he is always trying to save his family. And what’s much better than hearing Harrison Ford, playing the president, shouting “get off my plane!” as he tries to save his family?

“Die Hard”

People like to call “Die Hard” the very best Christmas movie of all time – the holiday works as a backdrop for the 1980s classic. However, it is even more than that. Apart from being among the best action films of them all, it’s also an ideal Father’s Day movie.

“Clark Griswold” takes his family to the Vegas for the vacation as well as between site seeing at the wrong places, his wife being seduced and the crazy brother which makes them all radioactive it’s a great movie with a lot of fun and worth watching.

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