Arizona voting history accounts to the year 1912. Since then till 2016 Arizona Presidential election the state has 11 Arizona total votes. The last decades has seen increasing population in Arizona. In the year 1912, Arizona had only 4 which have now increased three times with the growth in the population.

Arizona voting history


Arizona voting history shows inclination towards Republican candidates-

Arizona Presidential election 2016 indicates that Arizona total votes 2016 have been cast towards Donald Trump a Republican by nature. The year 1952 marks Arizona as an entirely Republic favoring the state. Only during Bill Clinton’s win, the Arizona voting history changed a little as in 1996 Arizona voted for a Democrat.

2016 Arizona Presidential election primary saw Donald Trump winning but however, the voters had a difficult time voting. Votes are standing for almost 5 hours to cast their ballot for Arizona Presidential election 2016. With the voting booths being reduced from 200 to 60 Maricopa country which is the most populated region, Arizona had faced this grim issue. The reducing of the number of voting poles was done to save money. Since the polling booths were suddenly brought down, it changed the entire scenario of the voting centers. Some experts pointed out that if the number of open polling booths ran properly then to Arizona, total votes 2016 would not have been a matter of chaos.

Along with the trouble of pooling centers closing down another issue of Arizona Presidential election 2016 was many voters did not have their registrations. Many of them were no allowed to votes and turned down saying that they had not registered themselves as voters, and therefore they were asked to vote on the provisional ballot. There were many related voting issues. While some voters were denied voting on the grounds that they did not register themselves, there were others who were denied voting on the basis that they had already voted, the case being they had not.

Arizona total votes 2016 primaries have shown Donald Trump winning the election. Arizona voting history along with 2016 Alaska Presidential election first round has again proved that Republics have remained strong throughout in Arizona. There may be some risks if the rivals work hard in this state.