Do you want to know what is going to happen in 2016 Alabama Presidential Election? Get all information about Alabama voting history, Alabama total votes 2016, Alabama Presidential election 2016 from here. With November coming nearer most of us are getting agitated to know what the future holds. Previous voting history is making various predictions. The 2016 Alabama Presidential election will be convened on the 8th of November. There are 50 American states which are participating in the presidential election along with the District of Columbia. Through the method of vote pitting, eligible voters in Alabama will choose their candidates those will represent the voters in the Electoral College.  For the Alabama Presidential election 2016 Electoral College there were two candidates from the Democratic Party and two from the Republican. The two Republicans were business person Donald Trump and Mike Pence, Indiana governor while from the Democratic party it is Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State and Tim Kaine,  a Virginian Senator.

Alabama voting history


2016 Alabama Presidential election & voting history

In 2016 Alabama Presidential election, Alabama total votes 2016 has nine electoral votes. Alabama voting history starts from 1820. In 1819, Alabama became a member of the Union and gave its first vote in 1820. In Alabama, voting history only in the year 1864 due to succession Alabama did not participate in the vote. Till Alabama Presidential election 2016 Alabama has been involved 29 times in the Presidential election of which fifty percent of the time it has voted for the winning candidate to become the president. Analysis of the Alabama voting history has shown an inclination toward democratic voting history by 55.17%, while 37.93% towards the republican history. The Alabama voting history had also shown the third party voting in 1948 and 1968 when Thurman and George Wallace won Alabama.

Alabama Presidential election 2016 & Hilary

In Alabama total votes 2016, the Upshot’s model predicts that there are more chances that Hilary might win the Alabama Presidential election 2016. There are various others predictions based on voting history and models but who wins is still the biggest news of the year we have all been waiting for. A few seats taken over can take a new turn towards winning the 2016 Alabama Presidential election. When predictions are made, various factors are seen. One of them is state wise voting preference. When Alabama total votes 2016 will be counted it will be seen that they have favored Republicans as Alabama, voting history has favored Republicans throughout. If one wants to know from beforehand and make a wise decision to vote for the upcoming president then Ohio is the right choice. New Mexico and Florida too can be chosen as they have chosen the winning candidate for last 10 years of voting history.

On March 1st Alabama total votes 2016 Primaries were held. From the Democratic parties, Hillary Clinton was chosen while from the Republic party Donald Trump is holding a position in Alabama. Hillary received the support of 80% of the Democratic voters, while Trump had the support of 42% of the Republicans.