When it comes to Green America with good political sensibility, one can always count on Ajamu Baraka( Green Party candidate US Vice presidential elections 2016). With his good deal of association with the US Human Rights organization and the policy building platforms, this man certainly holds the intellect for making America better for real and by action.

The most important aspect of a good Vice President is that the president itself speaks high of him. And in the case of Green party, it is very much possible. Jill Stein herself committed that Ajamu Baraka has a voice of revolution and vision, which can lead America in a better direction.

Not just good comments from the president, Baraka can gather good reviews by his article in various disciplines starting from war, politics, racisms and much more. He is one of the bold writers to declare the very famous democrat party as myth and President Obama as Uncle Tom. One must appreciate Ajamu Baraka’s good sense of sarcasm which is witty and pinchy. A perfect American this is what we have to say!

Apart from good writing, Ajamu Baraka (Green Party candidate US Vice presidential elections 2016) has a very clear vision in comparison to the other party. He talks about Global Green movement in detail. The movement aims at Peace and nonviolence promoting ecological wisdom, social justice, and grassroots democracy. With these four ultimate pillars, Ajamu Baraka believes that it can all work well.

Ajamu Baraka is also against racism and is one the strugglers of the black liberation movement, and he can understand the suffering himself from belonging to his black roots. With such ideas in mind, he wants to change what people suffered back. Also, he is against sentencing to death because he believes it to be useless act anyway.
To summarize, Ajamu Baraka( Green Party candidate US Vice presidential elections 2016) has a clear vision and good mind. Make sure you vote for Green this time.

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