The clearance or removal of forest to use that particular land for a non-forest use is known as Deforestation. The conversion of these forests into a farm or an urban land is creating a huge impact on our environment and global warming. The cutting of trees at a rapid rate has posed threats to life in multiple ways. Trees provide excessive oxygen and decrease the number of gases like carbon dioxide in the air. Trees also make the environment fresh and free of pollution. However, the rapid increase in the deforestation process has posed a massive threat to the humans as well as the animals living on the planet. There is an urgent need to address this national concern and overcome before it’s too late to improvise the situation created by deforestation. To find a solution, we need to know what causes deforestation and how we can find alternatives to prevent forests on a larger scale. There are many causes of deforestation that have affected our environment and changed the landscape of the earth to a drastic level. To understand these main causes of deforestation, some of them are discussed here:


Industrialization plays the most fatal role in the global environmental crisis that the world is facing right now. With the passage of time, every aspect of life has modernized with the use of equipment in every field. Same has been the case in this aspect as well. Industrialization is one of the major causes of deforestation. Hundreds of forests have been destroyed in the name of industrialization. In the old times, there were farmers who worked day and night to get the best-yielded crops. Nowadays machines have taken over and industries are installed for the same procedure carried out with the help of laborers. The industrial areas are expanding to a great extent and people who used to be farmers in the recent past have turned to the industries to get a better opportunity as an employee. These industries pose a serious threat to the forests not only in terms of clearing space for the industry but also damage the nearby trees due to the chemicals being exposed to the environment. Half of the forests are cleared to acquire land for industries and the rest gets affected by the activities being carried out in the industry with the use of harmful chemicals. Acquiring land is a process that takes place in a very large area because there is a need to provide residence to the labor as well. These construction projects require roads for easy access to the site of construction. Roads are built on the forest land which covers even more space and becomes one of the main causes of deforestation. When these agricultural lands are converted into industries and factories, it destroys the ecosystem and brings several harmful effects on earth.

Main Causes of Deforestation



The main causes of deforestation include the process of urbanization on a very large scale. With the passage of time and charming city life, more and more people have moved towards cities for a better living. As the number grows every day, the radius of cities has also expanded. The cities are growing enormously in terms of land and the encroachment has reached the forests land. Without bothering what threat cutting of trees may pose to the earth, cities have expanded to an alarming situation where forests are destroyed in the name of urbanization. As the cities expand, there is an inevitable need to construct roads for access to these areas as well which includes the cutting of more and more trees. The increasing population that has moved to the cities demand wider roads with bridges to overcome traffic jams. Railways have laid down their own tracks on the agricultural land of forests and hence destroyed a large area that played a vital role in sustaining a healthy environment. Due to lack of planning, no new trees have been planted at the level they were being cut down. It’s very important to compensate for the trees that were brought down and plant them accordingly. The causes of deforestation include the urbanization of the agricultural land of forests.

Main Causes of Deforestation

Illegal Activities:

Some of the illegal activities performed in the forests are major causes of deforestation across the globe. People tend to cut trees for their own personal benefits and don’t care for the national cause. There is also a factor of lack of education which leads people to such illegal activities. They tend to put forests on fire intentionally to acquire land for their own use. It’s the responsibility of the government to protect forests and concerned department must stay high alert to keep an eye on such activities that are illegal by law. It’s also the responsibility of every individual to report such activities to the authorities to bring them into consideration. Such people must be punished who even try to cut or burn trees without any permission from the authorities.

Main Causes of Deforestation

Human Negligence is also one of the main causes of deforestation. One should understand the importance of trees and take the responsibility to protect them rather than becoming a cause of their destruction. Human negligence could be of various kinds including throwing a burning cigarette while going into a forest and leaving behind a burning bonfire before moving ahead to the next destination of the trip. Both of them can result in some serious damage to the forests as it can burn the entire or larger part of the forest. Forests are the oxygen to the environment and must be protected across the globe by every human. A few little actions of negligence may result in a loss of natural treasure. It’s the responsibility of every citizen to take part in saving and protecting this agricultural land in order to save earth from global warming and pollution effects. A clean environment can’t be achieved without an appropriate number of trees planted. The causes of deforestation must be understood to define policies in protecting forests.

Main Causes of Deforestation

Unplanned cutting of trees:

The cutting of trees takes place annually under a pre-defined schedule. One thing that is overlooked in this process is that the majority of the trees cut are not the old ones. The trees that are planted recently must be taken care of instead of cutting them without any plan. The major causes of deforestation include this unplanned cutting of trees that takes place every year. A set of a plan must be made to spot out the trees that need to be cut for the annual cutting process. Usually, the workers of the forest department show negligence and cut the trees without knowing which ones they were supposed to cut. Moreover, a few people living around the forests premises also tend to cut trees without any permission for their own use. This is also termed as unplanned cutting of trees and causes deforestation in long term.

Main Causes of Deforestation

There is a need to address the major causes of deforestation in order to save our forests for the betterment of life on earth. Ozone is depleting due to global warming and pollution created by the industries. We should take essential steps to protect our forests to make the environment healthy and controlling climate change. Saving and protecting forests is certainly not a cause limited to one nation. It’s a global cause and all the nations should unite on a single platform to work for the protection of forests.

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