The North Carolina presidential elections 2016 can be well-predicted thanks to the North Carolina voting history that can determine the North Carolina total votes 2016 as well. This is also how the 2016 North Carolina presidential election results can be known through a rough idea and projection too.

North Carolina voting history


North Carolina has 15 electoral votes to itself for the North Carolina presidential elections 2016. This has been made constant throughout the 2020 presidential elections for North Carolina after the 2010 Census realignment. The representation also accounts for 2.7% of the total 538 electoral votes of the elections while this is also 5.5% of that amount required for successful formation too.

North Carolina presidential election 2016 results through primaries

The North Carolina presidential elections 2016 primaries were held for both parties the Republicans as well as the Democrats so that the popularity of each of the candidates in their party can be known. It also helps to know the popularity of both parties versus each other in the state as well. The primary North Carolina voting history might be different as well but these primary results can determine the way the North Carolina total votes 2016 might be dictated.

These were held for both the parties on 15th March 2016 where the Democratic candidate got 54.5% representation majority. On the other hand, the Republican candidate got a popularity of 40.2%. These were gained by party candidates Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump respectively and they showed that the state of North Carolina is very much popular with Hilary Clinton overall.

North Carolina voting history and its constant battling state

The North Carolina voting history has been very useful for predicting the North Carolina presidential elections 2016. This has helped to know what the North Carolina total votes 2016 should comprise of and even how the 2016 North Carolina presidential elections will be projected for the same.

When it comes to the time between 1900 and 2012 the state has voted for the winning party and the winning candidate for 65.52% of the time. During the same time, it has also been known that it was the Democrat candidate who has been favored mostly while the Republicans have been less favored here. This is true statistically for the ratio of 62.07% to 37.93%.  The state of North Carolina, however, is like a constant battleground state in 2016 for these elections.

The tables just like any other state were changed from the time of 2000 and the year 2012 as more Republican candidates were favored then. It was a historic Obama win in 2008 by a Democrat in this state. The victory was put after competing with John McCain through a very close voting of 49.4% to 49.7% results in the elections back then.

Therefore after this time, the state of North Carolina has been considered the one which can not be properly predicted because it is like a constant battling state of the same.

Now that the trend remains to shift all along the while constantly, the election results even after the primaries remain very rough to be predicted well for the state.