The 2016 Nebraska presidential elections are going to take place soon while the Nebraska voting history and resulting Nebraska total votes 2016 play a great role in Nebraska presidential elections 2016. These are distinct factors that are the road to predict the results for the same this year.

Nebraska voting history


Nebraska presidential elections 2016 caucus results

The Nebraska presidential elections 2016 are going to be held soon on 8th November 2016. To know where each of the candidates in those areas stands all candidates belonging to the same party compete to know of the most attractive candidate. This is done so that the suitability and popularity of the candidate help in projecting the victory in the overall presidential elections for that year. Hence, to know the popularity of each of the candidates in Nebraska, a primary caucus was held on by both parties, Democratic and Republican. These parties had all of their candidates open for voting while the gathering in Nebraska took place on 5th March 2016 for the Democrats. The primary elections for the Republicans, however, took place on 10th May 2016.
The 2016 Nebraska presidential elections can be therefore predicted to know of the Nebraska Total votes 2016. This can, however, also be predicted and supported through Nebraska’s voting history overall. Anyway, the results for the caucus have shown Bernie Sanders victory with a majority vote of 57.1% while Donald Trump has gotten a majority vote of 61.5% in his Republican side. Therefore, it seems that the Nebraska state has favored the Republicans in its elections for Nebraska total votes 2016 to have his majority in the 2016 Nebraska presidential elections.

Nebraska voting history trend over the years
It is also important to know the role that Nebraska’s voting history plays in constituting the Nebraska total votes 2016 for the Nebraska presidential elections 2016. In 2016, Nebraska has five electoral votes which make up for 0.9% of the 538 electoral votes that are given in all while a total of 1.8% is needed to win the overall general elections from 270 electoral votes totally. It is also important to know here that there are only two states in the whole of the USA where states award their electoral votes proportionally. These two states are Maine and Nebraska. Nebraska adopted it in 1996.
Looking at how the 2016 Nebraska presidential elections can turn, one can pay a slight attention to what has happened over the years between 1900 and 2012. Nebraska has cast votes for 65.525 of the time and during the same duration, Republican candidates have been voted more than the Democratic candidates overall. The percentage for this includes 75.85% and 24.145 respectively.
In the last ten years it has been seen that from 1980 to 2012, it has always been the Republican candidate that has won from Nebraska and their never has been even one Nebraska presidential elections where a Democrat has won. Therefore, it is quite apparent here that Nebraska is totally and without a doubt, a reliable Trump state.